Rebecca Mason

Emerging Artist
Rebecca uses neon light in her sculpture to explore the darker side of human nature.
Rebecca’s work has hung in solo shows and art fairs across the country.
Rebecca originally studied economics, a knowledge that seems to inform her insightful artworks.

Born in 1980 in the UK, Rebecca Mason is a British artist who splits her time between London and Folkestone. Her artworks are a unique blend of typography and light sculpture, juxtaposing neon text against a variety of different backgrounds to create a strong impact. Rebecca draws upon the connotations of neon lights when creating her conceptual art, ironically conveying the darker side of human existence with her glowing sculptures. These poetic pieces are a commentary on life, love, money and our place within a rapidly modernising society.

Rebecca Mason’s Career

Rebecca didn’t originally train as an artist – in fact she studied Economics at the University of Cambridge before working in various regulatory roles in London, Paris and New York. While she now works full time as an artist, her conceptual sculptures and limited edition prints are clearly informed by a sense of intelligence and her previous experiences. She became established in the neon art scene in around 2015, and by 2017 she had opened her own gallery named Sentient in Folkestone.

Exhibitions and Collections

Rebecca has participated in a number of different exhibitions and art shows throughout her career. She has recently had solo shows at Chappell Contemporary in Whitstable and the Hawkhurst Vault art space in Brick Lane, London. She has also participated regularly in various art fairs, including The Affordable Art Fair and Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair.

To find out more about the artist and her process, read our article Fifty Shades of Neon with Rebecca Mason.

Rebecca Mason Artworks

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