Paul Brown

Paul Brown’s work is a multi-sensory experience capturing movement, sound and tactility through colour and shape.
A look and feel of spontaneity pervades Paul's work, provoking a sense of joyful serendipity.
Paul's bright digital prints reflect years of work as a top illustrator and lover of abstract art.

Abstract painter Paul Brown is recognised for his energetic exploration of form and colour on canvas and in print. Paul’s work is a multi-sensory experience capturing movement, sound and tactility by layering dashes of bold colours and interweaving shapes. Transferred to digital print, his work brings a modern zest and vitality to any space.

Paul Brown’s Education

Paul studied Graphic Design at Liverpool Polytechnic, followed by a postgraduate diploma in Illustration at Central Saint Martin’s in London. After spending many years as an Illustrator for a variety of publications, Paul became ill and decided to take time out to fully focus on his abstract artwork.

Style and Medium

Paul’s abstract paintings and prints are explosions of colour and shape. Psychedelic shape-shifting patterns and formations such as in his limited edition prints Coping (2017) and Gone (2018) provoke feelings of spontaneity, serendipity and joy.

Exhibitions and Press

Paul’s work has been featured at various art festivals around the UK. His paintings have also been printed in a recent issue of Estila magazine.

Learn more about the artist in our interview with Paul Brown.

Selected Works

Subject To Change by Paul Brown

Subject To Change

Prints - 97x70 cm
A Chance Meeting by Paul Brown

A Chance Meeting

Prints - 40x30 cm
Forward Thinking by Paul Brown

Forward Thinking

Prints - 55x66 cm
Thoughtful by Paul Brown


Prints - 40x30 cm
Mind Haze by Paul Brown

Mind Haze

Prints - 40x30 cm
Losing Faith by Paul Brown

Losing Faith

Prints - 50x64 cm
Streams by Paul Brown


Prints - 50x50 cm
Change by Paul Brown


Prints - 68x68 cm
No Regrets by Paul Brown

No Regrets

Prints - 74x88 cm
Internal by Paul Brown


Prints - 63x59 cm

Not Alone

Prints - 37x47 cm


Prints - 82x59 cm


Prints - 51x70 cm

Inside Unseen

Prints - 77x67 cm

Hope IV

Prints - 50x40 cm


Prints - 59x53 cm

Hope III

Prints - 40x50 cm


Prints - 89x74 cm

Hope II

Prints - 50x40 cm


Prints - 68x57 cm

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