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      Algy Brinton

      Algy Brinton has taken photographs all over the world, from the jungles of Africa to the deserts of the Middle East, the Arctic Circle and in a number of conflict zones.
      In 2011, Third Millennium International published Algy’s first book, titled ‘Twice the Man’.
      Algy's large scale prints make striking statement pieces.

      Algy Brinton is a London based photographer who has captured societies across no less than five continents. Algy’s photographic projects often study the human condition through the landscapes they create.

      Having studied Photography at the London College of Printing, Algy has honed his skills further by assisting modern masters of photography - including Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.

      Algy has worked closely on commission projects for a variety of clients, including Disney, The British Fashion Council and the BBC. In 2011 the artist published his first book, ‘Twice the Man’. The book follows a pictorial year in the life of The Grenadier Guards, from their sacrifices in the poppy fields of Afghanistan to their ceremonial duties at The Queen’s Birthday Parade in London.

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