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      Gail Altschuler


      Blurring the lines between art and craft. The storytelling porcelain wall hanging plates, are illustrated with sketchbook observations. They each have a wall hanging disc attached on the back. Using clay or porcelain as the canvas, creating narrative plates. Building her porcelain pieces by hand, she high fires them. The process involves graphic procedures, combining Mishima, inlay techniques, with sgraffito and coloured washes, all under a transparent glaze. The hand drawn lines are etched using a sharp pin needle tool and filled with underglaze. The themes include masks, musicians, buddha sculptures, children at play and objects drawn while visiting museums. Gail Altschuler works from her home/ studio in North London. Art history, drawing and ceramics are lifelong passions. She studied Art and Design, Fine Art, History of Art and has an MA is Art and Design Education. She teaches ceramics, art and art history to adults, teens and children. She has been the Editor of the London Potters Newsletter since 2017. Selected for Wells Cathedral, Wells Art Contemporary exhibition, ceramic refugee plate installation. July/August 2022. Selected Member of the Craft Potters Association. Nov 2021. Selected for the RA Summer Exhibition 2021, on until 2nd January 2022. Selected for the Figurative Art Now, Online Mall Gallery exhibition 2021. Winner of the Response to Lockdown category of the London Potters online exhibition, 2021.

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