Jimmie Durham

Jimmie Durham is a political artist who was active during the civil rights movement.
Jimmie has exhibited in notable venues such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.
Phaidon Press published a book focusing on Jimmie’s work in 1995.

Born in 1940 in the United States, Jimmie Durham is an American sculptor, essayist and poet whose work is a direct product of the political climate he was working in. Jimmie’s Abstract Sculpture engages with the civil rights movement of African Americans and Native Americans. Using materials considered emblematic of Western culture, such as discarded car parts, plastic toys and even police barriers, Jimmie’s Political Art challenges the dominance of white, American culture. These Conceptual Sculptures are multi-layered in their physical form as well as in their meaning, which aims to promote alternative modes of thought.

Jimmie Durham’s Life and Career

Jimmie became active in the arts world in the 1960s, when he was involved in theatre, performance and literature surrounding the civil rights movement. He worked at the University of Texas in Austin before relocating to Geneva, Switzerland to study at L’École des Beaux-Arts. He has since worked in both Europe and the USA, exhibiting his Collages, Sculptures and installations in both solo and group shows.

Exhibitions and Recognition

Jimmie has exhibited his Conceptual Art extensively, both in the US and abroad. Notable venues include the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and the Museum of Modern Art in Antwerp. In recent years the artist has featured in numerous retrospectives, as well as a book from Phaidon Press that provided a comprehensive survey of his work.

Selected Works

Poison Evidence by Jimmie Durham

Poison Evidence

Paintings - 28x28 cm

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