Karine Coll


Karine Coll is a multi-pressure photographer. Specializing in monochrome photography, she particularly likes to work on the body but also on nature, the landscapes that surround it. For it black and white has imposed itself, as evidence, capable of reaching the very essence of Beings but also places because it brings this timeless dimension to bodies, landscapes photographed, once rid of their colors these deliver a deeper message, a more direct reading, more brutal too. The eye is not distracted by multiple information, contact is direct, frontal, it is this aspect of things that it pleases. For 2020, it has successfully participated in many national and international photography competitions. Karine's works have received numerous international distinctions. & Nbsp; The latest exhibition was held in September at the National Fine Arts Show in Paris with a silver medal at the guest jury prize.

Selected Works

Ophélia 3 by Karine Coll

Ophélia 3

Photography - 90x50 cm
Ophélia 2 by Karine Coll

Ophélia 2

Photography - 70x106 cm
Ophélia 1 by Karine Coll

Ophélia 1

Photography - 70x106 cm
Koryfès by Karine Coll


Photography - 30x45 cm
Intais 2 by Karine Coll

Intais 2

Photography - 30x20 cm
Iremia by Karine Coll


Photography - 20x30 cm
Ménechme 2 by Karine Coll

Ménechme 2

Photography - 40x30 cm
Ménechme 1 by Karine Coll

Ménechme 1

Photography - 40x30 cm
Kratos by Karine Coll


Photography - 30x40 cm
Evgenis by Karine Coll


Photography - 20x30 cm


Photography - 20x30 cm


Photography - 30x20 cm


Photography - 30x20 cm


Photography - 20x30 cm

Estampe 5

Photography - 30x20 cm

Estampe 4

Photography - 30x20 cm

Estampe 3

Photography - 50x100 cm

Estampe 2

Photography - 70x50 cm

Estampe 1

Photography - 70x50 cm

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