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“Drawing as obvious, the line as an extension of emotions“ Always creator Théodé has always lived by and for drawing. Immersed in childhood in the clear line of Hergé, the adventures of Spirou, Winnetou or Blackberry, the drawing, the graphics and the visual arts are omnipresent in his life. After studying graphic arts in St Luc in Belgium, he began a designer course in London then artistic director in Paris where he created brand identities and renowned and recognized logos like that of the Caisse d'Epargne Ecureuil or GMF. He then founded his own structure and worked on all the fronts of graphic communication: design, photo, drawing, interior architecture, scenography. He remains permanently immersed in artistic creation and keeps a place of choice for his passion, the common thread of his journey: drawing. An artistic language based on the line and gesture As a designer, his creativity and his first sketches and "roughs" have always attracted customers surprised to participate in the creation process and see a tangible trace of the project they had in mind. As an artist, his two major subjects, tigers and living models bear witness to the same verve. spontaneity and a mastery of the acting gesture. Vigor, audacity and creativity give birth to strong emotions. A work based on sincerity, the pleasure of the line, the mixture of textures and the constant research of a new way of saying things. A favorite animal, the tiger His artistic journey, he pursues it today with a totem, a favorite animal which he likes: the tiger. His fellow travelers are transformed, sometimes warriors, legends, spirits, gods or demons ... sometimes simple witnesses of the emotions of life. Tigers, as pretexts to create the line, the line, play with the freedom and the pleasure of the unexpected. Having become characters, their eyes challenge us. These portraits of tigers penetrate in the depths of us, mirrors of our soul or windows of our dreams. A perpetual evolution gallery where the diversity of emotions and styles reflect the richness of men.

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    Drawings - 76x58 cm


    Drawings - 76x58 cm


    Drawings - 65x45 cm
    L'africain by THÉODÉ


    Drawings - 32x24 cm
    Kolos by THÉODÉ


    Drawings - 80x60 cm

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