Lorien is a professional photographer. From his story and his experience, he has a seasoned eye in the image, a father's story. He knew how to follow image technology over time and his time by equipping himself with suitable equipment. Lorien tirelessly travels the ports of our region to surprise our boats at high tide where low and according to the alchemy of colors and lights, its photos send us all their nobility, their simplicity and their charm. Lorien gives them to see them entirely from the bow to the stern but it also happens to fragment them leaving us the leisure to imagine the missing part. It also happens to extract them from their landscape then appears all the work of time and men around these ships. And when our gaze arises on the photo is like Lorien transported us in time and the space "Suspended ship" which invites us to go to our unknown worlds ... by browsing the oyster ports, Lorien uses the equipment daily life to make unexpected images. From a harsh daily newspaper, prey to the elements and patience of men arises "the abstract" which nevertheless connects us to our humanity.

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