Carole Charbonnier


Carole Charbonnier's work is an abyss of nature "dead" by still life, last or first tribute to all these lives as vulnerable and precious as ours. Back forward the living, the one that only exists through its extinction. Biodiversity collapses, realizing that in the disappearance of a passerine, an insect is a part of ourselves that disappears. These little lives that we do not look at, these little pastoral tragedies unimportant in the face of our humanity. No death should seem unworthy of a look. The disappearance of these lives which bind us with the earth system (the earth, water, air, plants) affects our imagination, in an above-ground society annihilated by consumption. All birds were found on the ground, as it stands. Some insects have been purchased from naturalists only governed by the Washington Convention on International Trade in Species of Wild Floration and Floration Threatened with Extinction.

Carole Charbonnier is one of the 10 women artists favorite Kazoart

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