Natalie Lanson


The inspiration of Natalie Lanson visits both the spaces offered by plants and those from medical imaging, highlighting natural territories. The finesse of the black ink line highlights the transparency of the chosen colors. And betting on the eternal, the solid and the fluid make up the drawings, in a molecular approach. The crochet wires echo vegetable lace, or cell membranes. The "eternal" is also the name of the dried plants that Nathalie Lanson protects under their precious glass globes. Approaching objects, the artist deviates from representation. They then appear to be suspended, non -figurative, and yet linked to reality ... all, by a thread ... it is a question of preserving the memory of the fragile. We will make a natural observation together. We will see physiological metamorphoses. Our intimacy will meet that of the tree. We will share its oxygen. Here, the fluids string the air of our bubbles, twist the small souls. The sèves in the branches, like a blood, a lymph, resonate in pulsatile echo: all the living crosses its similar. And yet, so delicately different ... Bénédicte Haab-Camon

Selected Works

Bleu céleste  by Natalie Lanson

Bleu céleste

Paintings - 50x100 cm
Parachute et porte jarretelles  by Natalie Lanson
Les pieds dans le sable  by Natalie Lanson

Les pieds dans le sable

Drawings - 28x18 cm
Canopée III by Natalie Lanson

Canopée III

Drawings - 149x84 cm
La reine et sa suite by Natalie Lanson

La reine et sa suite

Drawings - 30x40 cm
Fragile II by Natalie Lanson

Fragile II

Drawings - 40x30 cm
Dentelles by Natalie Lanson


Paintings - 90x90 cm
L'heure bleue II by Natalie Lanson

L'heure bleue II

Paintings - 100x100 cm
Nuées by Natalie Lanson


Paintings - 70x50 cm
CHIMERE by Natalie Lanson


Drawings - 50x40 cm

L'heure Bleue

Paintings - 100x100 cm

Nous y sommes III

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Nous y sommes II

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Nous y sommes

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Le puit de Lumières

Drawings - 40x30 cm

Les multitudes

Paintings - 40x30 cm

Sans titre 10

Drawings - 30x40 cm

Le rodin de steichen

Drawings - 56x76 cm

Arbre aux lucioles III

Paintings - 81x65 cm

Arbre aux lucioles I

Paintings - 73x92 cm

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