Hélène Vallas


Hélène Vallas lives in Paris. Photography is one of those modes of expression; She does not see this practice as an activity but rather as a real commitment to the world around her. Started from childhood with silver, she saw in digital, the opening towards new horizons. His work is notably influenced by the painting of famous artists like Caravaggio, Lucian Freud and Chardin. Hélène Vallas, deals with various subjects, landscapes, still lifes, but the approach is the same: a marked poetic and aesthetic research in order to embellish the daily life of each. In some series, it imposes a strong poetic emotion through inanimate objects. The series then appears thanks to the thread that we unwind throughout a photographic era, an essence is day.

Selected Works

A deux quelque part by Hélène Vallas

A deux quelque part

Photography - 40x60 cm
Corsica road by Hélène Vallas

Corsica road

Photography - 40x60 cm
Bird's in Equateur  by Hélène Vallas

Bird's in Equateur

Photography - 40x60 cm
La rencontre by Hélène Vallas

La rencontre

Photography - 60x40 cm
Poetry of Jump by Hélène Vallas

Poetry of Jump

Photography - 40x40 cm
Un ciel d'oiseaux  by Hélène Vallas

Un ciel d'oiseaux

Photography - 50x50 cm
Snow in Paris by Hélène Vallas

Snow in Paris

Photography - 80x53 cm
Le désert by Hélène Vallas

Le désert

Photography - 60x40 cm
Loneliness in Santa Monica by Hélène Vallas

Loneliness in Santa Monica

Photography - 40x60 cm
Skate in L.A by Hélène Vallas

Skate in L.A

Photography - 40x60 cm

Blue time

Photography - 40x40 cm

Au Loin

Photography - 30x40 cm

Le bleu du ciel

Photography - 40x40 cm

Les couleurs du silence

Photography - 40x40 cm

The cloud

Photography - 30x40 cm


Photography - 30x40 cm

Le vent m'emportera

Photography - 30x45 cm

Un ange passe

Photography - 40x40 cm

Blue yellow stone

Photography - 40x40 cm

Vol au vent

Photography - 30x40 cm

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