Lea Lydie Lefebvre


When Léa Lydie Lefebvre is asked to define her profession, she often uses the term designer. It is true that if the painting and the depth of the shades play a preponderant role in its paintings, the line is often at the origin of the work, this short, which winds, envelops, imprisons as much as it releases. The colors then pierce the contours, light the painting as when the light reveals a stained glass. The techniques used mix in the same table the watercolor, the felt, the ink of China and the acrylic, to accentuate the rhythm of the drawing or give it its tone. His work, intuitive and luminous, resonates with all his experiences and his artistic collaborations, especially during his performances which mix painting and music.

Selected Works

Sereine by Lea Lydie Lefebvre


Drawings - 42x30 cm
Lumineuse by Lea Lydie Lefebvre


Drawings - 42x30 cm
Elan by Lea Lydie Lefebvre


Drawings - 30x21 cm
Vent doux by Lea Lydie Lefebvre

Vent doux

Paintings - 60x42 cm
La biche by Lea Lydie Lefebvre

La biche

Paintings - 42x30 cm
L'oiseau by Lea Lydie Lefebvre


Drawings - 42x30 cm
Ailleurs by Lea Lydie Lefebvre


Drawings - 42x30 cm
Plongée by Lea Lydie Lefebvre


Drawings - 30x21 cm
La cornée by Lea Lydie Lefebvre

La cornée

Drawings - 30x21 cm
L'amaime by Lea Lydie Lefebvre


Drawings - 30x21 cm


Drawings - 30x21 cm

Nous sommes un

Drawings - 50x65 cm

La semeuse

Drawings - 50x65 cm

Fractions d'humains

Drawings - 50x65 cm

Connexions et pensées

Drawings - 50x65 cm


Paintings - 50x65 cm

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