Born in 1966, Tehos, an abstract plastic artist and painter explored techniques and materials for several years before extending his work to the digital arts, video and sculpture. He quickly became known on the art market. In 2007, he began a series of paintings based on torn papers, collages. He explores different themes with factual articles he uses and transcribes on his paintings. In 2009, he began to experiment Second Life and 3D software. He installs a laboratory where he creates digital works of art. Tehos exhibits around the world with many renowned artists, and won the AIAP UNESCO exhibition jury in December 2011 in Monaco for his work "The kinetic trees". In 2014, some of his works covered an international economic newspaper published worldwide (2.5 million copies). He also made the cover of a book for a famous writer winner of the SAPIR Prize (Country of the Middle East). His paintings are sold in the main European countries, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.

Selected Works

Grand Carre Long 2023/01 by TEHOS

Grand Carre Long 2023/01

Drawings - 65x50 cm
As far as I look I see you by TEHOS
I put a spell on you - V-03 by TEHOS
Autumn leaves by TEHOS

Autumn leaves

Paintings - 100x100 cm
Damien for the poor - pink by TEHOS

Damien for the poor - pink

Photography - 70x50 cm
Damien for the poor - blue by TEHOS

Damien for the poor - blue

Photography - 70x50 cm
K01-v02 orange by TEHOS

K01-v02 orange

Prints - 60x60 cm

Double thought - d-08

Drawings - 65x50 cm

The waiting room

Drawings - 50x65 cm

Double thought d-05

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Double thought d-04

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Double thought v-001

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Double thought v-003

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Double thought v-002

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Three old men with canes 02

Drawings - 56x76 cm

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