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Gerard Lucian Ricard

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"Black is my favorite color and white is my favorite color" said Andy Warhol ... Each painter carries with him in his palette, his own light. She is not only her particular way of enlightening her figures or preferring accused contrasts or milder passages, she must be the essentials of her painting, the very style. One day the color no longer becomes necessary and black and white are essential. The duality between the two, forms a point of harmony: the chiaroscuro. There is something humble, grandiose and painful in this shadow and light. The chiaroscuro then becomes an inner color in which the material is created. The work of Gérard Ricard, through his paintings, drawings and inks, is what we perceive with the eyes, but the gaze has its limits. The works are born and disappear, and only their - memory (s) - remain like a dream ...

Gerard Lucian Ricard Artworks

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    Rue des Cordelles by Gerard Lucian Ricard

    Rue des Cordelles

    Drawings - 30x42 cm
    Les dealers by Gerard Lucian Ricard

    Les dealers

    Drawings - 30x42 cm
    Le panier by Gerard Lucian Ricard

    Le panier

    Drawings - 30x42 cm
    Ecoute la ville tomber by Gerard Lucian Ricard

    Ecoute la ville tomber

    Paintings - 115x115 cm
    La forêt des ombres by Gerard Lucian Ricard

    La forêt des ombres

    Drawings - 75x100 cm
    L’enterrement dans les blés by Gerard Lucian Ricard

    L’enterrement dans les blés

    Drawings - 105x75 cm
    Le mythe grec ou éloge de l'amour by Gerard Lucian Ricard
    Lampeduza by Gerard Lucian Ricard


    Sculpture - 50x40 cm
    Le pont flottant des songes by Gerard Lucian Ricard

    Le pont flottant des songes

    Paintings - 75x60 cm
    Mario by Gerard Lucian Ricard


    Drawings - 125x85 cm

    Shri aurobindo

    Drawings - 135x95 cm

    L’empreinte de l’ange

    Drawings - 120x80 cm


    Drawings - 120x80 cm

    Dansez car dès demain...

    Paintings - 115x115 cm

    Notre vie est un voyage...

    Paintings - 115x115 cm

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