Thierry Virton


Color and light have always been at the center of Thierry Virton's research, whether in photography - his first artistic profession - than painting. Spontaneity, extreme sensitivity and overflowing creativity characterize its pictorial approach and make its artistic work what it is today. His figurative canvases are inspired by the pictorial movement of free figuration and brut art; His figurative works thus reflect the need for truth and content, messages and questions, liveliness and freedom. At the yardstick of the new era which is announced, his painting accompanies changes in society and paradigms. She tries to echo it. Thierry Virton's abstract painting, on the other hand, came from the need for a pure aesthetic of colors and graphics. It is a job for the brightness of colors and the power of the drawing, inspired by street art and graffiti. This abstract painting is part of the desire to create in us relaxation and lightness.

Selected Works

Dolce vita - pop art print 4/100 by Thierry Virton
A new world - pop art print 4/100 by Thierry Virton
Dolce vita by Thierry Virton

Dolce vita

Drawings - 50x65 cm
A happy group of friends by Thierry Virton

A happy group of friends

Drawings - 50x65 cm
A good dream by Thierry Virton

A good dream

Drawings - 50x65 cm
A good boy by Thierry Virton

A good boy

Drawings - 50x50 cm

The people of the desert

Drawings - 50x65 cm

Wild trip

Drawings - 50x65 cm

A new world

Drawings - 42x62 cm

The viking

Drawings - 46x65 cm

The big rhinoceros

Drawings - 46x65 cm

The balloons

Drawings - 50x65 cm

Art in nature

Drawings - 50x65 cm

Wonderful cruise

Drawings - 46x65 cm

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