Nicolas Mithois


Self -taught of the photo since 2004, Nicolas Mithois trained in shooting in the streets of Paris

where he makes many black series & amp; white in an academic style. He perfected his technique with the arrival of digital and learns to use the entire chain of digital tools

which will allow him to develop his taste for color.

It is during trips to Lebanon, Madagascar or India that his work as a colorist is fully expressed. For 4 years Nicolas has settled in the countryside near the banks of the Seine.

His daily contact with nature influences her most recent work.

Selected Works

Horizon 2 by Nicolas Mithois

Horizon 2

Photography - 70x100 cm
Horizon 1 by Nicolas Mithois

Horizon 1

Photography - 70x100 cm
Mumbai beach by Nicolas Mithois

Mumbai beach

Photography - 100x100 cm
Boulbi symétrie by Nicolas Mithois

Boulbi symétrie

Photography - 70x100 cm
Blue bird by Nicolas Mithois

Blue bird

Photography - 70x100 cm
Le spectateur by Nicolas Mithois

Le spectateur

Photography - 40x60 cm
Flying by Nicolas Mithois


Photography - 40x60 cm
Olympia by Nicolas Mithois


Photography - 40x60 cm
The beach by Nicolas Mithois

The beach

Photography - 40x60 cm
Boulevard baille by Nicolas Mithois

Boulevard baille

Photography - 40x60 cm

Middle east

Photography - 40x60 cm

Mer de Malte

Photography - 40x60 cm

Péniche dans la brume

Photography - 40x60 cm

La rue

Photography - 60x40 cm


Photography - 40x60 cm

Néon du canal

Photography - 45x30 cm

Fille de la plage

Photography - 30x45 cm

L'enfant et la pirogue

Photography - 20x30 cm

Fille à tuléar

Photography - 30x45 cm

Lumière sur les arbres

Photography - 30x45 cm

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