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      Meredith Bloom


      The genesis of Meredith's artwork is emotion. She considers what feelings she wants to inspire in the viewer and how she wants her art to impact and enhance the space in which it resides. Once this is established, Meredith utilises shape psychology, also bringing in inspiration from architecture, to influence her geometric style. In addition, she turns to colour psychology to guide the palette and help achieve her desired outcome.

      Each design is composed of individual, layered, wooden shapes. The strata forms shadows that change depending on the viewer’s perspective, the environment or the angle of light. A key concept of Meredith's artwork is these transformations, offering the viewer an ever changing vision.

      Having completed an Art and Design Foundation course at Central Saint Martins, she studied Set Design for Stage and Screen at Wimbledon College of Art, London. She now lives and works in Cheshire.

      Meredith's recent exhibitions include The Other Art Fair, Truman Brewery London: March 2022 and LeAF Art & Plants by Art Friend, Boxpark Shoreditch: May 2022.

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