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      Rosanna Dean is an abstract painter and collagist whose geometric works echo Yantras, geometrical diagrams from Tantric traditions. Rosanna draws much inspiration from Eastern Philosophy, spiritual practices, and mysticism, elements greatly informed by her time in Thailand and India. Her current projects address conflicting ideologies surrounding representations of the divine. Establishing connections between how societies have depicted religious beliefs over time, Rosanna combines features of divergent practices from East to West to create works of contemporary spiritualism.

      Rosanna Dean’s Early Career

      Born in Brighton, UK (1988), to a Polish mother and English father, Rosanna began her career in illustration and, in 2007, moved to Paris to work as an art director. After deciding to pursue Fine Art, she began assisting artist and environmentalist Gregory Ryan. Rosanna returned to London in 2013 to study painting at Camberwell College of Art. Following the competition of her BA, she travelled to Florence to study Old Master Painting Techniques under the tutorship of leading painter Michael John Angel. Awarded a place on the prestigious Florence Trust Residency (2015-16) and selected for the London Creative Network, Rosanna continued to hone her unique and illustrative practice. In 2019, the artist completed her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art.


      Rosanna lives and works in London and exhibits both in London and abroad, most notably doing shows for the BFI and The Courtauld Institute of Art in London and Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. FBA Futures, an annual exhibition of figurative art by new graduates, selected Rosanna to participate in their 2020 show.

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