Lothar Nickel

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Abstract expressionist sculptor Lothar Nickel was born in 1957 in Dusseldorf. His works are an artistic journey into marble, among other materials such as bronze, granite, and stone. With a hammer, chisel, and rasp, he creates to understand the unique properties of his chosen materials, allowing his works to reveal themselves as he works.

Lothar Nickel’s Early Career and Inspiration

Before becoming a freelance sculptor, Lothar spent several years studying Sculpture at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Alfter, Germany. Lothar spends about four months a year in Florida, splitting the rest of his time between studios in Fulda, Germany, near Frankfurt, and Pietrasanta, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean in Italy. Although abstract, Lothar’s works often lean towards figurativism. Citing Brancusi and Henry Moore as inspirations, his recent sculptures experiment with the shape of light and the clarity of marble forms.

Exhibits and Residencies

The artist has enjoyed exhibits and residencies across Europe and the USA. His work is also in private collections such as at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, Florida, USA, Museo del Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Italien, SAS, Global Computing, North Carolina, USA, and Rosenfeld, New York City, USA.

Lothar Nickel Artworks

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    Angel Head by Lothar Nickel

    Angel Head

    Sculpture - 22x18 cm
    Pyramid Piece by Lothar Nickel

    Pyramid Piece

    Sculpture - 16x28 cm
    Nuvola I by Lothar Nickel

    Nuvola I

    Sculpture - 158x67 cm
    Nuvola II by Lothar Nickel

    Nuvola II

    Sculpture - 30x66 cm
    Leaving the Quarry by Lothar Nickel

    Leaving the Quarry

    Sculpture - 27x82 cm
    Greetings to the Milky Way by Lothar Nickel

    Greetings to the Milky Way

    Sculpture - 33x28 cm
    Cloud Torso by Lothar Nickel

    Cloud Torso

    Sculpture - 23x42 cm
    Feminine Torso by Lothar Nickel

    Feminine Torso

    Sculpture - 64x44 cm
    TaurusI by Lothar Nickel


    Sculpture - 165x102 cm


    Sculpture - 175x300 cm

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