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      Petra Casotto


      Petra Casotto is an Italian artist and calligrapher based in Padova.

      Drawing and Handwriting are the main protagonists of her artistic research. She likes to explore the several expressive possibilities of marks in these two fields, giving space to direct gestures and essential lines that reveal the artist’s hand, free from the superfluous. The study of Drawing and Calligraphy has always accompanied her path and in her works these two disciplines often blend together. Petra prefers working on paper with simple tools and uses especially ink and pastels.

      Her artistic career began in 2006 at the "Bottega del Tintoretto" in Venice, where she attended Drawing (Figure study), Engraving and Printmaking courses for eight years with Professor R.Mazzetto. A few years ago she discovered Calligraphy and became passionate with it. Petra completed her studies at Centro Internazionale Arti Calligrafiche in Venice with M.Dengo, still a point of reference for her studies, and she attended several courses with the Italian Calligraphy Association. She collaborates with SMED Association for the knowledge and practice of handwriting in schools.

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