Lizzy Drury

Lizzy Drury has had solo exhibitions in both India and the UK.
Lizzy has won numerous awards, including some from the Arts Council England.
Lizzy's work is strongly based on her research and philosophical principles.

Lizzy Drury is a London-based artist who works mainly with drawing. Drawing upon her artistic training and research, Lizzy incorporates elements of speculative realism into her pencil drawings, focusing on the process of image-making and the deceptions involved in this. Her black and white art has a kind of ghostly, ethereal quality, making it difficult to discern definite subjects within the piece. This is still life art with a difference, taking everyday objects such as furniture and materials and transforming them into different states. In doing so, she raises philosophical questions about existence and how this differs in art and reality.

Lizzy Drury’s Career

Although she is primarily known for her still life drawings, Lizzy actually completed an MA in painting from the world-renowned Royal College of Art in 2017. In addition to this, she has also studied a BA in Drawing and Applied Arts from the University of the West of England. Since then, she has had an active art career, taking part in residencies, exhibitions and art fairs across the country and internationally.

Exhibitions, Awards and Recognition

Lizzy Drury’s figurative drawings have been featured in numerous group exhibitions both in the UK and India, and she has also had a couple of solo shows. She completed a residency at the Swiss Church in Covent Garden, and has received numerous awards, including some from the Arts Council England. In addition to her artistic achievements, you’ll also find her writing in publications such as the Dateagle Art Journal.

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