Sylvain Subervie

Emerging Artist
Sylvain Subervie creates beautiful geometric abstract sculptures inspired by French decorative arts.
Sylvain harnesses pure and natural resources such as iron and crystal to form his pieces.
Sylvain endeavours to embellish everything he touches in his quest to find the true value and meaning of life.

Sylvain Subervie is an artist in search of beauty and truth. Born in Suresnes, France, in 1950, this dexterous, self-taught sculptor turned from a career in fashion to the tradition of French decorative arts. Harnessing the “noble” materials of iron, quartz and ammonite, Sylvain crafts exquisite geometric-abstract sculptures. The artist also derives inspiration from his time spent in Madagascar.

Sylvain Subervie’s Inspiration & Craft

Sylvain designed his first collection of furniture in 1995. By bringing together the elements of metals, iron and rock crystal, the artist embarked on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the balance of power between him and the natural minerals wrought by his own hand. In his nature-focused works, the artist surrenders to the pure beauty of his materials while equally endeavouring to embellish everything he touches. The act of crafting his sculptures is a call to grace and to honour the true meaning and value of life. His sculptures, being moulded from natural resources, also explore how art can come from anything with the right skill and eye.

Global Exhibitions

Represented by Marcilhac Gallery in Paris, France, Sylvain has participated in many international art fairs, including La Biennale of Paris, The Salon NYC, Art Cologne, Art Basel Miami, and Brafa. The artist has rubbed shoulders with Art Deco masters such as Printz, Prouve and Giacometti, and continues to create monumental sculptural works.

Sylvain Subervie Artworks

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    THE SHIELD WARRIOR by Sylvain Subervie


    Sculpture - 240x60 cm
    THE OLIVE TREE by Sylvain Subervie


    Sculpture - 80x95 cm

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