Barry Davies

Barry Davies takes influence from Renaissance masters such as Donatello and Michelangelo.
Barry’s piece, ‘Anatomical Study of the Horse’ was recently featured in House & Garden’s Art Edit.
Barry has done carving commissions for Ripley House, Trafalgar and Cambridge Gate, London.

Contemporary artist Barry Davies creates figurative sculptures that celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Barry seeks to capture the elements of perfection he observes from the world around him, and transforms them into polished and poised sculptures. Whether sculpting bust portraits, animals mid-motion or natural ephemera such as shells and organic forms, Barry uses traditional methods to create captivating works of art. Barry primarily works with marble and bronze when creating his majestic sculptures.

Barry Davies’ Early Life and Education

Barry grew up in rural mid-Wales, which ignited his interest in nature from an early age. As a child, he would endlessly draw objects found in nature, and even created some from memory. Before becoming a full-time sculptor, Barry set up a small business as a cabinet maker. Before too long, Barry decided to focus his attention on fine art sculpture, and studied Art History at the Open University.

Techniques and Inspiration

When embarking on his bronze pieces, Barry models the sculptures in clay before casting them in bronze. However, when creating marble sculptures, he uses the relief carving process, in which he carves single pieces out of single blocks of marble. Barry has created portraits of prominent figures throughout history, ranging from Julius Caesar to Joan of Arc to Shakespeare. To achieve such high levels of realism in his work, Barry has tirelessly studied human and animal anatomy, as well as Classical and Renaissance sculpture.

Barry Davies Artworks

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    Metta Buddha by Barry Davies

    Metta Buddha

    Sculpture - 95x70 cmRent for $2,815 /mo
    Borzois by Barry Davies


    Sculpture - 25x30 cmRent for $600 /mo
    Meteyya Buddha Statue by Barry Davies

    Meteyya Buddha Statue

    Sculpture - 95x70 cm
    Sinosaurusopteryx Prima by Barry Davies

    Sinosaurusopteryx Prima

    Sculpture - 31x19 cm
    Joan of Arc by Barry Davies

    Joan of Arc

    Sculpture - 58x53 cmRent for $275 /mo
    Nautilus by Barry Davies


    Sculpture - 18x16 cm
    Equus Ferrus Caballus by Barry Davies

    Equus Ferrus Caballus

    Sculpture - 50x48 cm
    Anatomical study of the horse by Barry Davies

    Anatomical study of the horse

    Sculpture - 36x43 cmRent for $355 /mo
    Perseus by Barry Davies


    Sculpture - 74x37 cmRent for $400 /mo
    Scottish blackface ram (Ovis Aries) by Barry Davies

    Scottish blackface ram (Ovis Aries)

    Sculpture - 60x62 cmRent for $430 /mo

    Anatomical study of the horse

    Sculpture - 36x43 cmRent for $440 /mo

    Anatomical study of a lion

    Sculpture - 48x68 cmRent for $545 /mo

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