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Curated Collection: Artists' Favourites

Discover the works our artists have their eyes on.

By Rise Art | 11 Aug 2021

Our new Artists’ Favourites collection features a selection of artworks chosen and curated by our artists. We recently asked Yannis Guibinga, Jessica Matier, Raffael Bader and Adam Robinson to share their favourite artists on the platform with us. Together they put forward painters, photographers and sculptors to form a collection of works currently inspiring, exciting and intriguing them.


Susan Phillips

no.33 by Susan Phillips


Susan Phillips is known for her small scale abstract sculptures. Minimal in form, materials and palette, Susan's distinct visual language draws attention to the empty and absent space within and around sculptures. Each piece has a clean, geometric construction, in which circular shapes interact with sharp, linear angles and lines to merge an abstract approach with an architectural aesthetic.


Genevieve Leavold

Light Divided Like Pearls by Genevieve Leavold


Genevieve Leavold's paintings examine the innate tension between the spiritual and physical world. Inspired by eastern philosophies and the forms of natue, Genevieve delves into the relationship between the fleeting and the permanent through the medium of abstract painting. Genevieve's ambiguous shapes, vibrant colours and gestural brushstrokes all come together to reference marine plants and beings.


Jenny Boot

Mokosie by Jenny Boot

Jenny Boot's portraits have a dramatic and painterly quality to them. She creates tonal contrasts between light, dark and rich colours to form images that resemble traditional portraits paintings, and some are even evocative of Dutch Renaissance paintings. Infusing the classical with the modern, she reinterprets the traditional and transformed the domestic. 

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