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      Visual artist Raffael Bader explores the tensions that hold our world together.
      To create his evocative landscape paintings, Raffael experiments with earth elements for visual, meaningful and technical effect.
      Raffael has exhibited internationally.

      Visual artist Raffael Bader graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig, Germany, in 2019. From Leipzig, Raffael now creates landscape paintings that reflect his view of the world as full of disruptive and yet binding tensions.

      Raffael Bader’s Style

      Strong complete forms and abstract structures characterise Raffael’s moody landscape scenes, which often play with core earth elements - water, rock and air - visually and technically. Working with watercolour or using mediums to make oil paint water-soluble, Raffael invites the earth into the creative process. Stormy skies and majestic mountains evoke longing and wanderlust. At the same time, though, there’s a subtle presence of danger, like the distant warning sound of thunder. In this way, Raffael gracefully demonstrates our relationship with the natural world as conflicting; one of worship and slavery, love and devotion, and freedom and oppression.

      Exhibitions & Grants

      In 2020, he received the Denkzeit grant from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. That same year, he began exhibiting internationally, including in Switzerland and the USA.

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