Pattern Passion | A Master Class in Mixing Pattern

Posted in Out of the Studio by Mandy Poernig on 27th March 2017

Pattern; you either love it or loathe it – for some, it can feel too busy and cluttered, for the pattern enthusiast, more is simply more. Wherever you stand on pattern, there is no denying that it’s taking the interior design world by storm this year.

The pattern mixing trend is back in fashion and hurrah! Cover your kitchen tiles with geometrics, flourish your furnishings with vintage motifs and bring the pattern of the jungle into the mix; we’ve been given license to pattern clash at home, so why not start with the art…


Natural Pattern to Celebrate a Favourite Place

Tracks, £960

Shop Tommy Clarke's Works >>

Thanks to Pantone’s greenery, natural pattern is inescapably on-trend, and Tommy Clarke’s aerial shots capture our world’s most beautiful natural patterns from a bird’s-eye view. His striking sceneries are a great way to savour the spirit of a favored place in your abode.


Figurative Patterns for the First-Timer

Made to fit?, £3,100

Shop Mat Cahill's Works >>

Easing yourself into pattern? Then don’t go for the obvious, it’s not all about chintz and stripes. Made to Fit from Mat Cahill has multiple colours and numerous layers of detail to discover, so pair the work with with neutral accessories for a relaxed vibe.


Geometric Pattern and Complimentary Colour Schemes

Polyscopy Big Bang, £20,000

Alejandra Padilla's Works >>

When blending pattern into your decor, try to create a theme with complimentary colour schemes. Polyscopy by Alejandra Padilla is a detailed geometric collage, with a focussed blue colour palette - perfect for the pattern lover who prefers order over disorder.


Patterns for Little People

L is for Leopard, £95

Shop Clare Halifax's Works >>

What better place to play with pattern than in your little ones’ bedroom? This charming animal print by Claire Halifax is not only beautiful but will help youngsters start to recognise letters and animals.


Pop Art Patterns That Take Centre Stage

Flowers Blooming in This world and the Land of Nirvana, £1,500

Shop Takashi Murakami's Works >>

Use pattern to infuse your décor with personality. Pop Art Patterns are for those who want to make a personal statement, and Takeshi Murakami is a go-to for attention grabbing art that commands the room.

God Save the Queen, £4,050

Shop Hormazd Narielwalla's Works >>

For a more subtle approach, Hormazd Narielwalla’s God Save the Queen's natural wooden tones would compliment a softer colour theme. If you’re a botanical fiend, like me, this piece would strike a chord with the dark green shades of indoor planting.


Illustrative Patterns for the Neat Freak

Icons Near and Far, £250

Shop Clare Halifax's Works >>

Claire Halifax’s intricately (and precisely may I add) designed cityscapes are adorned with layers of mixed pattern, I love their overall look of neatness, with plenty of contrasting textures and pattern styles to discover on closer inspection.


Abstract Patterns to Play with Scale and Layering

Levels, £1,350

Shop Nigel Bird's Works >>

Pattern doesn’t always mean ‘busy’. Choose one dominant and one accent pattern. Weave a striped theme throughout your décor as the dominant pattern, starting with something like Levels by Nigel Bird. You can then weave in a secondary pattern more discretely within your home furnishings - knotted braid cushion covers come to mind, to play with texture.

In City and In Forest 18, £2,007

Shop Melisa Taylor's Works >>

Melissa Taylor’s works are a pattern lover’s playground. The wonderful blend of vivid patterns and colours featured In City and In Forest 18 can be incorporated throughout your design scheme, whether you choose dappled cushion covers, striped rugs or neon leaf prints, you can mix and max as much or little as you wish.


Expressionistic Pattern to Mix and Match Themes

Poissons, £1,250

Shop Anne Marie's Works >>

Poissons by Anne Marie Lepretre is large in scale but microcosmic in detail, with small variations of colour and pattern emerging upon closer inspection. This is a great piece if you want to life large-scale prints in your furnishings.


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