Celebrating Picasso's Birthday With Art

Posted in Out of the Studio by Lucia Fischer on 24th October 2014

It's Picasso's 133rd birthday today and what better way to celebrate it than with artworks that greatly remind us of one of the greatest modern art painters. Each piece being an ode to master of several styles, this list of Picasso influenced paintings is a wonderful way to commemorate the pioneer for cubism.



High Street II
Alex Cave

"High Street II" by Alex Cave reminds me a lot of Picasso's "Paysage Mediterraneen" painting. Though it is a lot more of a modern scene, the use of the straight lines and shapes, used to portray ones home, has such similarity in content and style. All with a current year, London twist.


I Know
Tim Fowler

Tim Fowler's painting "I Know" is yet another modern day version of Picasso's famed Blue Period. With the cold tones and the touch of surrealism, in which Picasso was known for intergrating into his work, it's clear this is a perfect fit for this list.

Fall 6 Poison
Delphine Lebourgeois

Though not as similar, this specific piece brings me back to Picasso's Rose Period. The more classical face, as well as the warmer tones of the varying pinks and reds brings me back to Picasso's portraits from 1904-1906. If ever, it could be a piece that almost perfectly fit inbetween his transition from the Rose Period to the Blue.

Untitled (Tropics)
Charlotte Evans

This piece by Charlotte Evans could translate Picassos's departure from the Rose to Blue Period, and the beginning of his African-Influenced to Cubic art. Though it is not one of Picasso's styles wholly, it seems to capture a little each, combining it in a single painting.

Ignacio Lalanne

The last piece, "Arandu", definitely has more of a connection with Picasso's Analytic Cubism style that he developed with George Braque. Though not entirely geomentric one can never miss the clear boarders and sharp angles put together to create this portrait of a beautiful woman.


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