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Dive into an ocean of contemporary yacht art for sale and explore our extensive selection of artworks featured on our online gallery. Looking to buy yacht art to complete your home or office? Start your search with our assortment of yacht art.

Artists use yacht art as a way to explore humans’ relationship with the sea. Yuliya Martynova's Blue Bay series uses watercolours to create a sea where different shades of blue melt into one another. Blue Bay Marbella sees distant yachts float serenely on an ocean soaked in summer mist, while Blue Bay Santorini Deka sees the same stylized silhouettes interrupt the vast blueness that covers the rest of the canvas.

Tommy Clarke's aerial photograph of a yacht club in Yacht Club Diptych contrasts the bright white of the boats against the deep blue of the sea. The colour combination immediately transports the viewer to a place where they can forget ordinariness – the kind of sea scene found in holiday adverts. But the piece also echoes a theme that is present across much of Clarke’s work – man’s impact on the landscape. Here, we see the yacht club jetties divide the ocean, almost like abstract lines, breaking up the picture.

Yachts in Art History

Artists have long depicted yachts floating on an infinite ocean. The boats are a symbol of luxury, associated with holidays, as well as a test of endurance, a vehicle through which man can test himself against the sea.

Yachts frequently featured in Turner’s seascapes. He portrayed the boats through their variety of characters; gliding serenely out of dazzling horizons as well as holding steady as they are buffeted by overwhelming waves. One summer in 1827, Turner was asked by his friend John Nash to paint the Cowes Regatta on the Isle of Wight. Nash gave the artist a room to paint in his summer home at East Cowes Castle. From here, Turner produced seventy drawings and eight oil sketches of the sailing races. In Sketch for ‘East Cowes Castle, the Regatta Beating to Windward’ No. 1, Turner depicts a crowd of yachts as they bob on choppy waters, glimmering in the light. In Sketch for ‘East Cowes Castle, the Regatta Starting for Their Moorings’ No. 3, he turns his attention to spectators on the shore, focusing on the cloud of excitement that engulfed the famous week-long regatta.

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