New York Cityscape Photography For Sale

Discover New York photography for sale. If you’re on the hunt for a bustling cityscape, or searching for a vibrant urban scene, look no further. From the Expressionistic to the realistic, each piece on our online gallery has been carefully selected by our team of curatorial experts for you to discover and purchase today.…

One of the most photographed, filmed and talked about places in the world, New York is iconic in both its aesthetic and its role in the evolution of art history. Whether zooming in to a street scene, or zooming out to a skyline, New York is instantly recognisable, regardless of the camera’s angle. Lunch atop a Skyscraper is hailed as one of the most influential photographs of all time, and along with Alfred Eisenstaedt’s V-J Day in Times Square, it cements New York’s appeal as one of the most photographed places ever.

Ian Hoskin’s photographs of New York examine often overlooked moments and highlight the beauty that can be found in the mundane. In photographs such as New York 1 and New York 3, Ian’s saturated use of colour contrasts with the clouds in the backdrop to give an illusion of movement. Capturing beauty in the everyday and creating movement amongst stillness, Ian’s photography epitomises the character of New York.

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