Billiard tables, Berlin

Edition of 1030.0 x 40.0 cm?
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Lena Szankay

Lena Szankay is an Argentinian artist with a focus in photography. Born in Buenos Aires, she has studied professional photography at Lette Verein in Berlin, where she experienced the turmoil that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Local identity, universal experiences and a narrative quality inform her work. An interest in the shaping potential of space and architecture, and their effects on human habitation is present throughout—specifically, how architecture manages to influence human life in unforeseeable ways. Although her work is documentary in nature, there is always the presence of an underlying emotional dimension.

Her work is part of the following public collections: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes [National Museum of Fine Arts] and Fototeca Latinoamericana, both in Buenos Aires, MEC [Emilio Caraffa Museum, Córdoba, Argentina], Museo del Cerro (Jujuy, Argentina), and various private collections.

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