Goldies - sans titre 01

Edition of 2540.0 x 60.0 cm?
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Xavier Blondeau

During travel, discovering the immensity of desert lands, Xavier Blondeau wonders about the place of the individual in his environment. In order to materialize his questions, he turns to photography. This allows him in 2009, in parallel with his activity as a teacher-researcher, to take up this photographic work around the individual.
Through his series, he is looking for more and more intimate answers. His approach remains instinctive although he decides to structure his work, while pouring towards a certain very refined aesthetic form. Only emotion leads him, and this is how he sails abstraction where he explores intimacy to very graphic representation in order to connect this imagination to reality. His photographs always allow a certain uncertainty pushing the public to reinterpret through their gaze what the photographer offers them as an answer to his research.
Since 2011, Xavier Blondeau has been very active and has been following exhibitions. His work reveals it as it goes on its different photographic series.

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