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        5 Global Artists to Watch

        We're midway through submissions for the Rise Art Prize. Check out who has come in and what our current artists are up to.

        By Aimee Morris

        We're midway through submissions for the Rise Art Prize, and over 1,500 artists from around the world have applied. Standards are high and the competition is tough. Our judges certainly have their work cut out. Today we spotlight an artist from each region who has caught our eye. Think you've got what it takes to join the ranks? Apply here by 12 November and be in with a chance of winning £10,000 and exhibiting your work at our international show in February. 


        1. Yannis Guibinga - Middle East & Africa

        Yannis Guibinga is a young photographer from Gabon whose portraits explore diverse African identities. The artist has presented his works at TED talks, and he exhibits internationally. Yannis's portraits can't help but stand out. They're bold. They're rich. They're majestic. 


        Ode to Oya by Yannis Guibinga


        2. Uswarman - Australasia

        Uswarman is an Indonesian artist who paints expressive abstracts. His works are spontaneous. Surprising. The artist has exhibited his paintings in Jogja, where he currently lives and works. What caught our eye? The tantalising mysteriousness of his works. We can't quite put our finger on it.


        Summer by Uswarman


        3. Peter Horvath - Americas

        Canadian artist Peter Horvath works in video, sound, photography and mixed media. He has showcased his work around the globe at galleries in Mexico City, Sao Paulo and NYC. Peter's playful, surrealist style is super catchy; visually and intellectually.


        Game Face by Peter Horvath


        4. Jenny Boot - Europe

        Jenny Boot has created a seductive photographic world full of texture. Skin, feathers, lace and silk dominate her imagery. The Dutch artist has exhibited her work in the Netherlands, Chile and the US. Janny's works are utterly absorbing. Don't know about you, but we could stare at these for hours.


        Carry On by Jenny Boot


        5. Day Bowman - UK

        Day Bowman's paintings lie on the boundary between figuration and abstraction. Her compositions are fresh, and her colours zany. The artist has exhibited extensively in the UK. And we're not surprised that her work is popular. Day's oil paint / charcoal combo makes for a lovely layering effect. And those complementary colours are just so satisfying.


        Night Ride 2 by Day Bowman


        What else is cracking?

        In other news, our longer-standing Rise Art artists are as busy as ever. Who's doing what?


        Marion Jones and Richard Colson have been selected for the 2017 London Group Open (Part 2).

        When: 22 Nov - 1 Dec

        Where: The Cello Factory, Cornwall Road, London


        Bar Chart by Marion Jones


        Reclining Nude by Richard Colson


        Alma Haser has just closed her solo exhibition at the Photo Hastings Festival in East Sussex.


        Ten Seconds by Alma Haser


        Louise McNaught has just finished up exhibiting with the Animal Art Fair at The Gallery in Chelsea.


        Fragmented Freedom - #Pink by Louise McNaught



        Apply now for the Rise Art Prize >>

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