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Art for Kids


Curated by Rise Art

Browse our Art for Kids collection today and discover a diverse and exciting range of art bound to inspire, entertain and occupy your little ones. Whether you’re after an affordable piece to decorate a kid’s room, or you’re interested in investing in art to hang on the wall of a playroom, our team of curatorial experts at Rise Art have scoured high and low to curate the perfect collection of Art for Kids.

Rise Art’s extensive database showcases everything, from the conceptual to cartoons. Although the latter is more obviously appealing to kids, the unique and unfamiliar often becomes intriguing, drawing all viewers, whether young or old, to take a second look.

One element of art that does appeal to kids, instantly and undisputedly, is colour. Whether dark or light, bright or pale, colour has the ability to enhance and transform the atmosphere of a room. Nowhere is this more evident than with the work of world-famous Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. Takashi’s iconic style is instantly recognisable, and plays on elements of childish and playful art in his approach. Whether reviving an anime character, or forming exciting and distinct patterned prints, Takashi’s art is the perfect addition to liven up any room.

If you’re looking to decorate your walls with playful art that appeals to your kids’ interests, why not look at our selection of car art. From the bright and colourful prints of Anna Marrow to the charming illustrations of Barry Goodman, our Art for Kids collection appeals to kids whilst sitting nicely on the walls of any room in the house. Anna’s prints demonstrate the art of visual storytelling. By adding detail to parts of her prints, and leaving colourful blank spaces in others, Anna directs the viewer on a journey through the narrative of her work. Bright blues, greens, reds and yellows feature heavily in Anna’s art, and her refined and considered compositions result in work that is both stylish and playful.

Barry Goodman, on the other hand, focuses primarily on depicting the automobile in a detailed and direct manner. Whether responding to the iconic London bus, or playing on a sense of nostalgia with his colourful Mr Whippy ice cream van, Barry transforms ordinary vehicles into something sentimental and charming.

Whether you’re looking to inspire your kids with art that takes them to an imaginary world, or to entertain them with images of their favourite cars, at the heart of our Art for Kids collection is work that is animated, light-hearted and cheerful. Start exploring today, and discover the perfect art to appeal to your little ones.

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