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There’s no reason that great art should break the bank, which is why we’ve brought together a collection of Affordable Art that all comes in at under £500. It’s a common misconception that art is only available to a select few, and we’re here to debunk that myth and bring art to people working with a range of different budgets. Whether you’re looking for a new painting to brighten up your home, or you’re more interested in discovering new photography, you’ll find a piece to suit your budget here.

Making your first art purchase can seem like a daunting prospect, particularly when it comes with a hefty price tag. Our affordable art collection makes this easier to approach, bringing together a selection of some of the best contemporary artists practising today for prices that you can afford. We also have a range of payment options to help you out, including payment plans and the ability to rent on a monthly basis.

If you’re just starting out then we’re on hand to help. Make use of our range of search features to narrow down according to price, orientation and size so that you can find the perfect artwork for your space.

If you’d like to explore an unusual medium without splashing out too much, then Rebecca Coleman has a great range of wood engravings at affordable prices. Using a monochrome palette, these prints explore scenes from around London and in particular the subterranean world of the Underground. Rebecca has a playful approach to her work and often includes details that add character to the piece, such as the resident mice that any Londoner will recognise from their commute.

British photographer and printmaker Nadia Attura creates beautiful artworks that are accessible to those on a tighter budget. Focusing primarily on nature, Nadia sees the world through an unconventional lens that is communicated through her bright colour washes and surrealist approach to her artwork. We love the way that she introduces digital layers and textures into her work, distorting each piece away from reality and creating a fantastical vision of the world around us.

For fans of minimalistic art, Dai Roberts is an exciting and accessible artist to add to your collection. Drawing inspiration from 20th-century movements such as Bauhaus and Constructivism, Dai creates geometric art that never fails to impress. He often works with a monochromatic or limited palette, allowing his precise shapes and forms to become the central subject of the painting. Dai is an expert of the less is more approach, communicating a wide range of emotions and atmospheres economically through his work.

While her light sculpture may come with a higher price tag, you can get your hands on Rebecca Mason’s prints of her work at a more affordable price. This exciting contemporary artist creates conceptual pieces that juxtapose bright, neon slogans and words against a variety of different backdrops. There’s a strong sense of satire and perception running through her art that tends to explore the darker side of human nature, including love, money and our relationship to a rapidly modernising society.

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