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      Art Drop 004


      Curated by Rise Art

      Our fourth Art Drop showcases a selection of never-before-seen paintings and prints from four leading female artists. Each artist tackles the ‘abstract style’ in a unique way. From Michele Fletcher’s rhythmic botanical works to Chowwai Cheung’s geometric take on simplified landscapes, Art Drop 004 presents fourteen original works, exclusively with Rise Art.

      Featured Artists

      Jessica Matier works in both large and small scales when making her energetic and expressive mixed media paintings. Her artworks featured in Art Drop 004 are part of her 100 Paintings in 100 Days series. Mary Anne Arntzen’s paintings take their inspiration from nature, architecture, textiles and cartoons. Her large abstract forms also reference digital imagery and elements typically used in illustration.

      Chowwai Cheung is best known for her limited edition collagraphs. Her geometric landscapes respond to rock formations and explore the tension between flatness and depth. Michele Fletcher’s paintings display a moving exploration of our relationship with the natural world. Rhythmic forms interact with eachother to form layered, dynamic artworks.

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