Artists to Commission

Curated by Verity Babbs

Commissioning an artwork for yourself or as a gift is an exciting and creative process. In this collection we're showcasing some of the artists you can commission work from, whether that be an abstract in specific colours, a portrait of a loved one, or a familiar landscape.

Ursula Hitz' textual maps show our favourite cities in her punchy dual-colour style, making a wonderful reminder of the places most sentimental to us. Michael Wallner's unconventional angles put a fresh perspective on our daily landscapes, adding intregue to the modern buildings of our morning commutes.

Stella Kapezanou's portraiture captures the personality of her sitters astutely and places them in vivifying bright backgdrops. Paresh Nrshinga's colour combinations are masterful and bring life to any space.

Simone Webb's prints trace the fleeting life of flowers poetically. Although they wilt before us, there is a real beauty to their journey.

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