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Israeli Artists

Discover Israeli artists today with Rise Art. Our online gallery showcases a range of Israeli painters, print-makers photographers and more for you to explore today.

The paintings and prints of Tel-Aviv based artist Nurit David epitomise the exciting and diverse style of contemporary Israeli art. Nurit fuses oriental influences with Pop Art motifs to create whimsical and geometric works of art. The success of Nurit’s art has earned her exhibitions across Europe, America and Asia, as well as work in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the Jewish Museum in New York.

With a similar penchant for colour, Noemi Safir creates powerful large-scale paintings using acrylic paint. Noemi’s expressive approach is achieved by her broad palette and block brushwork. Her recent series, Close-Up Portraits saw a collection of emotive close-up portraits, many of which were self-portraits.

Liat Elbing’s prints focus on a more minimal approach to visual art. Each of her works adhere to one colour and focus on achieving depth and tone. Liat’s architectural subjects become somewhat abstract and together with her geometric style, she creates harmony through simplicity. Established throughout Israel, Liat’s art has earned her a place in the Tel Aviv Visual Artists Association.

The Evolution of Israeli Artists

Israel is a land known for its abundance of history, cultural standing and religious significance. Since the settlement of European Jews in Palestine over fifty years ago, the religious and political tensions and conflicts have had a vast impact on the development of contemporary Israeli and Palestinian art.

The Bezalel Academy of Fine Art was founded in 1906 and is fundamental in the evolution of Israeli modern art. The beginning of the academy marked a huge breakthrough, and essentially acted as a catalyst to the growth of Israeli Art. Founder and artist Boris Schatz brought over European styles, methods and traditions, and Israeli art began to resemble decorative styles, such as Art Nouveau.

Since then, Israeli art has gone through endless changes, developments and stages. For the last 30 years, the economical, technological and industrial developments of Israel have characterised the fast pace and eclectic style of contemporary Israeli art.

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    Featured Artists
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    Aviv Benn

    United Kingdom
    B. 1988

    Guy Shoham

    United Kingdom
    B. 1971

    Shay Arick

    B. 1979

    Rona Perlman

    B. 1988

    Tal Waldman / Talva D

    B. 1916

    Yoni Alter

    United Kingdom
    B. 1980

    Mark Metcalfe

    B. 1971

    Idan Wizen

    B. 1984

    Nurit David

    B. 1952

    Tal Paz-Fridman

    B. 1973