Indian Artists

Discover Indian Artists. Shrea Ghosh is a contemporary artist from Calcutta who creates bold and colourful paintings. Her work is mainly Portraiture, but she approaches this from a non-traditional standpoint, sometimes depicting the back of her subject or simply a silhouette, and at times showing them reflected through surfaces such as the lens of sunglasses. Running through her imagery is the idea of the connection between consciousness and the subconscious mind, and how these interact with one another.

For a quintessentially Indian style, take a look at the work of Ravi Kattakuri, an artist who creates both Paintings and Sculpture. Ravi grew up in rural surroundings in a traditional village, which has clearly left a mark on his work that adopts some of the bright colours and imagery found in India Spiritual Art. Each piece incorporates layers of different imagery, giving his work an eclectic visual style that makes it so interesting and appealing.

Vikram Kushwah is one to watch. Born in New Delhi and now living and working in London, this Indian artist shoots photos from the Tim Walker school of photography, making use of eccentric and surreal imagery to create his dreamlike images. One of Vikram’s greatest strengths is his sense of narrative, and each photograph seems to tell its own unique story, focusing on human figures and their relationships to their surroundings. We love his use of filters and the diversity of colour saturation that he uses, lending each photograph a nostalgic quality.

The huge subcontinent of India is made up of many different regions, each of which has their own distinct and exciting culture. As such, Indian art has huge diversity, with contemporary artists working in a variety of styles that range from the Surreal to more strictly Figurative. Religion has had a strong influence on the visual world of India, with Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism each leaving their mark on the country’s artistic style. In recent years, artists have focused on India’s independence from British rule and forming an identity for post-colonial India.

Looking for Indian art for sale? If you’d like to add some Photography or Paintings to a growing art collection, then there’s plenty to discover right here. We’ve brought together some of the best Indian artists practising today, and you can narrow down your search by medium, style, subject and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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    Featured Artists
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    Ferha Farooqui

    United Kingdom
    B. 1961

    Prachi Gothi

    United Kingdom
    B. 1986

    Golnaz Jebelli

    United Kingdom
    B. 1982

    Zil Hoque

    United Kingdom
    B. 1962

    Ravi Kattakuri

    B. 1972

    Poovi Art

    United States
    B. 1984

    Shrea Ghosh

    B. 1984

    Payal Chakraborty

    United Kingdom
    B. 1981

    Abhijit Paul

    B. 1983

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