Dominic McHenry


Dominic McHenry (born 1989) is a British sculptor and artist living and working in London. His work focusses on geometric forms and repeating patterns in both sculpture and drawing. He also produces etchings, which are an attempt to blur the line between the two and three dimensions.

McHenry tends to prioritise the stylistic elements of his work, such as the geometric shapes, which take president over the works' materiality. He treats the form as the subject and the material as part of his method and process. He also works as part of Bask, a collective making large scale abstract sculptural works and commissions nationally and internationally. Their work as ended up in collections across five continents.

Recent exhibitions include a solo booth with India Dickinson gallery, at Start Art Fair at Saatchi gallery and a group show at Fulmer sculpture park with William Bennington Gallery.

He has previously attended sculpture residencies in The Atlas Mountains, Florence, and the University of arts London.

Selected Works

Backbone  by Dominic McHenry


Sculpture - 150x15 cm
Notch by Dominic McHenry


Sculpture - 150x20 cm
Trunk by Dominic McHenry


Sculpture - 150x20 cm

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