Antony Haylock


Antony, often referred to by "H" and also how his work is signed, become one of the foremost artists in the late 80’s Rave scene, producing artwork for the first flyers & art installations on a large scale. As the Rave scene developed into the UK club scene, he brought the urban, gritty feel of the illegal warehouses to the interiors of the leading clubs throughout the country. With this growing popularity there became a constant demand for bespoke commissioned murals & paintings providing a great foundation for what lay ahead.

Antony has a Creative Solutions collective, designing & creating many large scale, weird & wonderful art installations throughout the country. This commercial background formed the core of his very recognisable pop art style oil paintings. His unique social commentary is at the forefront of his work, taking feelings, phrases or expressions and presenting them in a way that leaves the viewer often surprised at their discovery.

Selected Works

Purile Evil by Antony Haylock

Purile Evil

Prints - 65x47 cm
When Life Gives You Lemmons by Antony Haylock
It Is Wot It Is by Antony Haylock

It Is Wot It Is

Prints - 65x54 cm
Fuck It Bucket by Antony Haylock

Fuck It Bucket

Prints - 51x43 cm
For the Love of Dog by Antony Haylock

For the Love of Dog

Prints - 50x100 cm
For the Love of Pop - Oversize by Antony Haylock
For the Love of Pop by Antony Haylock

For the Love of Pop

Prints - 70x55 cm
F#@k It Bucket by Antony Haylock

F#@k It Bucket

Prints - 65x54 cm

Everything Happens (2021)

Prints - 65x54 cm

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Prints - 65x54 cm

Everything Happens...

Prints - 65x54 cm

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