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        Sam Smyth

        Sam Smyth also works as a graphic designer.
        Sam grew up in Bristol, where he was surrounded by graffiti and the street art scene.
        Sam created a LED light box for the AC Hotel in Times Square in 2017.

        Sam Smyth is a contemporary artist best known for his geometric abstract paintings. Whilst Sam strongly adheres to the traditional aspects of painting, such as the relationships between colour and the balance of composition, he also takes much of his inspiration from the Post-painterly abstract styles of artists Kenneth Noland, Frank Stella and Morris Louis, that emerged out of Abstract Expressionism in the 1960s. For Sam, abstraction offers an open-ended means of exploration and expression.

        Sam Smyth’s Style

        Some of Sam’s paintings verge on minimalism whilst others are dynamic with colour, form and depth. Whatever the style, the formal elements of Sam’s paintings largely follow sharp-edged shapes, decisive compositions and a rhythmic aesthetic. Many of Sam’s paintings have a graphic style to them, which at times gives his work an animated and almost digital feel.

        Life and Career

        Sam is a British artist based in Norfolk. He completed a BA in Illustration from the Arts University, Bournemouth and since then has worked as an artist and graphic designer. He has shown his abstract paintings in galleries and exhibitions across the UK. Although Sam is very much a physical painter, he does often incorporate digital processes into his work.

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