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Brenda Ullrich

Brenda Ullrich paints and draws textured pieces that are gentle on the eye.
The artist's work has been exhibited both in the UK and Africa.
Brenda's affordable originals are ideal for a first time collector.

Brenda Ullrich is a Zimbabwean artist currently based in the Isle Wight. Using a variety of techniques, from thin washes to thick impasto, Brenda employs paint to create a sense of illusion for the viewer. The creation of texture on the canvas is of utmost importance to the artist.

The artist completed her Masters in Fine Art at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art.

Brenda’s work has been exhibited both in the UK and in Africa. Her recent exhibitions include the Quay Arts Open Exhibition and the East West Art Award London.

Selected Works

Blue Jay Park

Paintings - 100x86 cm

Grotto Beach

Paintings - 15x12 cm

Leopard Ridge II

Drawings - 12x12 cm

Leopard Ridge III

Drawings - 12x12 cm

If I

Paintings - 15x10 cm


Paintings - 100x125 cm


Paintings - 20x20 cm

Breathe then Tumble

Paintings - 26x26 cm

Test ~ Out

Paintings - 20x15 cm

Test ~ Ready

Paintings - 20x15 cm

Test ~ Catch

Paintings - 20x15 cm


Paintings - 20x15 cm

The Invigilator

Paintings - 22x16 cm

The Curator

Paintings - 22x16 cm

Outta Here

Paintings - 18x18 cm

Beyond Awakening

Paintings - 12x14 cm

Skipped Lines

Paintings - 15x15 cm

Break Time

Paintings - 16x13 cm

Commission an artwork by Brenda Ullrich

We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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