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        Brian korteling

        Brian Korteling is an experimental artist known for his striking landscapes inspired by the Norfolk coastline.
        Brian blends together traditional philosophies, such as the Japanese Kintsugi, and contemporary techniques, giving his work an astounding depth.
        Brian is the co-founder of Art Fair East.

        Brian Korteling is an award-winning landscape artist who stands out for his striking and highly experimental impressionist paintings, digital prints and sculptures. Much of his work is inspired by the unspoilt coastline and heathlands of Norfolk, his home.

        Brian Korteling’s Craft

        Brian works en plein air and in-studio, making for a range of raw and technically challenging pieces. The artist is known for blending traditional philosophies with contemporary realist elements, making for wholly original works of art. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramic bowls with gold to highlight the cracks, underscoring the belief that that which is broken is more beautiful once repaired. Brian often assembles oil, glass, hessian or canvas with lightning bolts of gold paint in his work, a testament to his ability to beautify and reinvent simple landscape scenes. The artist’s beach paintings and pixelating abstract prints are of equal measure; wild with colour, atmosphere and charm.

        Exhibitions and Projects

        Brian has exhibited locally and nationally and has put together a range of exhibitions and showcases in the East of England over the last decade. The artist is a co-founder of Art Fair East, a major national art show.

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