Andy Mercer

Andy Mercer's work has been sold at Habitat in limited quantities - here's your chance to own a signed print.
Andy layers line, shape, colour, graffiti, and personal mark-making into an atmospheric patchwork of city life.
Andy's work has been featured on the BBC and exhibited at their Lancaster studio.

Andy Mercer is an artist from Lancaster (UK) known mainly for his atmospheric patchwork cityscapes using urban textures and imagery: rusting metal, graffiti, concrete, street signs, tower blocks, torn billboards. He draws much of his inspiration from the urban landscapes of north west England.

He regularly incorporates digital processes into his work, which can often start out as conventional drawings. After scanning, he continues to work digitally, layering lines, colour and collage into work that is multi-sensory, rich and complex.

Mercer has said; I'm really just a landscape artist at heart.

Selected Works

Femme by Andy Mercer


Prints - 38x40 cm
Times Square at Night III by Andy Mercer

Times Square at Night III

Digital - 38x50 cm
Lost by Andy Mercer


Prints - 30x30 cm
Zeitgeist C by Andy Mercer

Zeitgeist C

Digital - 45x31 cm
Rig 2  by Andy Mercer

Rig 2

Digital - 45x35 cm
Chemical Sun by Andy Mercer

Chemical Sun

Prints - 38x50 cm
Hacienda  by Andy Mercer


Paintings - 100x70 cm
Around the block by Andy Mercer

Around the block

Prints - 29x40 cm
City Sunrise II by Andy Mercer

City Sunrise II

Prints - 60x80 cm

Day Trip to Blackpool

Prints - 38x50 cm

Aliens mowed my lawn

Drawings - 28x17 cm


Paintings - 41x61 cm

Manchester Exploding

Prints - 40x28 cm

Create and Resist

Prints - 30x36 cm

Turn of the Tide

Prints - 70x100 cm

Flood 2

Prints - 40x28 cm

First Light

Prints - 45x33 cm

Times Square II

Paintings - 100x70 cm

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