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Yuuko Suzuki

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The art of the line, direct expression of the state of mind, such was the essence of its journey since the first years of its life. Born in Osaka in Japan, Yuuko began Japanese calligraphy at age & nbsp; 6 years old with great renowned masters. Since 1987, the basis of her work has been in Paris where she was responsible for Japanese art workshops and Buddhist art at the Guimet Museum from 2002 to 2011. & nbsp; her career has always been enriched with precious discoveries from cultures and of different natures. Today, she experiences all new materials, such as imitation leather, to give new nuances, new reliefs and lines to the visual expression of the mystery of life and death.

Yuuko Suzuki Artworks

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    Sans titre 240411 by Yuuko Suzuki

    Sans titre 240411

    Paintings - 73x92 cm
    CAD 240404 by Yuuko Suzuki

    CAD 240404

    Digital - 80x60 cm
    CAD 240408 by Yuuko Suzuki

    CAD 240408

    Digital - 55x25 cm
    Sans titre 240403 by Yuuko Suzuki

    Sans titre 240403

    Paintings - 81x65 cm
    CAD 240224 by Yuuko Suzuki

    CAD 240224

    Digital - 80x60 cm
    CAD 191002 by Yuuko Suzuki

    CAD 191002

    Digital - 34x42 cm
    CAD 231125 by Yuuko Suzuki

    CAD 231125

    Digital - 51x36 cm
    CAD 240204 by Yuuko Suzuki

    CAD 240204

    Digital - 51x51 cm
    Sans titre 240308 by Yuuko Suzuki

    Sans titre 240308

    Paintings - 100x104 cm
    Sans titre 240131 by Yuuko Suzuki

    Sans titre 240131

    Paintings - 100x50 cm

    Sans titre 231127

    Paintings - 100x81 cm

    CAD 180116

    Digital - 33x25 cm

    Sans titre 240221

    Paintings - 164x114 cm

    Sans titre 240122

    Paintings - 166x107 cm

    Sans titre 230405

    Paintings - 76x64 cm

    Sans titre 231215

    Paintings - 55x46 cm

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