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Luc de Moustier


Engineer, inventor, watercolorist and sculptor, Luc de Moustier works for 15 years in large industrial groups. It invents a substitution material for expanded polystyrene in the packaging: popcat composed of corn starch and paper. Victim of a burnout, he decided to devote himself fully to his art. Inoculated by the "& nbsp; crunchy & nbsp;" virus virus " Any opportunity is good to draw what he sees. The portrait is his favorite subject. He is now a model of a model living in motion at the Georges Méliès School.

Selected Works

Pauline debout (grande)

Sculpture - 60x15 cm

Pauline assise

Sculpture - 34x17 cm

Pauline, Deborah et Annie

Sculpture - 31x30 cm

Pauline debout 2014

Sculpture - 28x10 cm

Juliette assise

Sculpture - 20x10 cm


Sculpture - 36x10 cm


Sculpture - 28x10 cm


Sculpture - 31x10 cm

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