Slim Aarons


George Allen Aarons, says & nbsp; Slim Aarons, born October 29, 1916 in Manhattan (New York). & Nbsp; Slim Aarons is an American photographer recognized for his photographs of the Jet Set in & nbsp; 50s and 60s & nbsp; A & nbsp; started his career as a photographer at the WestPoint Military Academy after engaging in the American army from 18 years old. & Nbsp; War Report during the Second World War, he will then settle in California and will devote himself to The representation of glamorous Hollywood celebrities and idealized in always paradise. Uninhibited and united, this elite lives at full pace, making a clean sweep of a company broken by the throes of the past war. of a worldly life, which will be worth it to be accepted without difficulty in the highest social spheres of the world. The reputation of Slim Aarons is not long in coming and its clichés, of rare finesse and a disconcerting naturalness, testify to his love for high society. In an inveterate perfectionist, the artist finds in this environment this perfectly innate refined look, in harmony with his artistic constancy. Slim Aarons & Nbsp; reveals, in his art photographs, an ode to an elitism, illustrating an ultimate chimera of beauty of a society deemed inaccessible. Slim Aarons died in Montrose (New York) on May 29, 2006.

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