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Bruno Lémée is a sculptor artist. Fucking Sunday morning, from an early age, his paternal grandfather took them and his sister on a ride. They most often led them to the acclimatization garden with its games and wild animals, in the museum and more particularly in the Louvre, where, so small in the midst of these gigantic rooms, they remained fascinated, in front of the immense canvases that told Incredible stories and aroused indescribable emotions. "This food shaped my mind and ultimately revealed the meaning of my artistic concerns: celebrating the living with strength and expressiveness. "& Nbsp; Bruno leméeaprous obtaining an economy mastery in 1984, he decided to make the job of his always passion for drawing and painting. Painting will be his favorite mode of expression for fifteen years, alternating observation work (portraits in particular) and the creation of an imaginary and dreamlike world. Came the observation that he could "turn" around the object, reveal or at least suggest the reverse of things through the drawing: transfiguring this line in the third dimension. The wire, flexible and rigid material at the same time was the common thread. He entered the world of sculpture in a "full" and permanent way by associating driftwood. His work, strong and singular, is acclaimed by a large audience of amateurs and collectors. "I find my main sources of Inspiration in the animal, human and mythological world. My predilection materials are iron, wire as well as driftwood gleaned from the beaches and rivers, the most raw elements. Drawing in three dimensions. The concern to make the movement is one of my main concerns. Also, none of my sculptures is frozen, but tends towards a state of instability thanks to the play of the lines of tensions that browse it. For those of large dimensions, I elaborate a complex metal skeleton giving it rigidity and relative flexibility. Driftwood, rich in shapes and materials is assembled as the work progresses in a concern for " anatomical truth ". Opens to the skin, hairs, muscles, tendes in a very special order. "Bruno Lemée

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    Figure de cirque au lasso by Bruno Lemée

    Figure de cirque au lasso

    Sculpture - 76x46 cm
    Pur sang 3 by Bruno Lemée

    Pur sang 3

    Sculpture - 54x60 cm
    Ours by Bruno Lemée


    Sculpture - 45x80 cm
    Coursier by Bruno Lemée


    Sculpture - 31x70 cm
    Personnage ethnique by Bruno Lemée

    Personnage ethnique

    Sculpture - 85x45 cm
    Equilibriste by Bruno Lemée


    Sculpture - 60x50 cm
    Funambule by Bruno Lemée


    Sculpture - 70x60 cm
    Petit taureau by Bruno Lemée

    Petit taureau

    Sculpture - 31x53 cm
    Maman orang outan et son enfant by Bruno Lemée

    Maman orang outan et son enfant

    Sculpture - 150x160 cm
    Le génie de la forêt by Bruno Lemée

    Le génie de la forêt

    Sculpture - 220x200 cm


    Sculpture - 44x56 cm

    Petit élégant

    Sculpture - 37x46 cm

    Petit cheval 2

    Sculpture - 37x44 cm

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