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Polo Perrier


Polo is a versatile creative craftsman. Passionate about everything, he practiced throughout his life all kinds of craft disciplines in perfect self -taught, from building to jewelry, he is now more than to metal sculpture. He has lived from his art for 30 years and has a shop-guy in Domme. For a few years he has shared his place of life and his workshop with Alex & Amp; Manon, his stepson and his daughter, in Saint Laurent La Vallée (24); With whom he collaborates and shares this passion. The techniques used for its sculptures are borrowed from those of jewelry. The works have brass, copper, silver -based alloys and steel. His workshop is a real laboratory where the methods and materials used are constantly evolving. Polo offers us its dreamlike universe, where metal becomes organic and living matter. His sculptures are all unique pieces available on request or on order from drawing.

Selected Works

Coquillage 1

Sculpture - 16x15 cm

Guerrière 3

Sculpture - 34x7 cm

Guerrière 2

Sculpture - 28x5 cm


Sculpture - 16x15 cm


Sculpture - 24x15 cm


Sculpture - 17x15 cm


Sculpture - 15x20 cm

Solitaire 5

Sculpture - 28x15 cm

Solitaire 4

Sculpture - 28x15 cm

Solitaire 3

Sculpture - 28x15 cm

Solitaire 2

Sculpture - 28x15 cm

Solitaire 1

Sculpture - 28x15 cm

Roche 3

Sculpture - 28x18 cm

Roche 2

Sculpture - 28x18 cm

Roche 1

Sculpture - 28x18 cm

Coquillage 2

Sculpture - 16x15 cm

Coquillage 4

Sculpture - 16x15 cm

Coquillage 3

Sculpture - 16x15 cm

Guerrière 1

Sculpture - 28x4 cm

L'arbre couché

Sculpture - 14x22 cm

Commission an artwork by Polo Perrier

We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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