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Annie-Laure Capo di Feltre is an artist of French nationality. She descends from a family of Italian artists in which we traditionally exerted a job turned towards the arts: Fresquiste grandfather, architect father and a marble sculptor ancestor who worked for Pope Clément VIII and Les Boromees. She sees herself as a child, preferring the charcoal in the colors and smearing the pieces of paper given to her, her father, to the despair of her mother who saw her arriving her hands and dresses stammered in black. At fourteen she copies the paintings of the Bleue Picasso era, a new canvas every two or three days. Growing up, she leads a double course: academic and artistic. She teaches at the Sorbonne Paris IV, at French civilization lessons and devotes the rest of her time to draw. One day, by modeling clay, she discovers that she can, that she knows how to sculpt, that she can bring out bodies of women and men who cry out most of their being. "I try to find in matter an I don't know what a spiritual that serves him as a soul." Then the earth becomes bronze, fixing the work for eternity. In 2001, she ceased to teach to devote herself to sculpture. Cesar who loved her work had said to her "We are magicians, we make love with matter, it's technical, it's sensual, c ' is passionate ”. In his work "Regard on contemporary sculpture" the art critic Gérard Xurrige will say "that she stimulates the lyre of her humanity in her velvety bronzes". Many works have been pulled in bronze. Each bronze is an original piece (eight -exemplary draw plus four artist tests). Pairing his works were published by the Hôtel des Monnaies de Paris, (diva) in 1998 and by Daum for works in glass paste, In 2000 (theorem), in 2002 (elongated women), in 2004 (sensuality). Annie-Laure Capo di Feltre sold to many collectors in France and abroad.

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    La vénus de milo (patine noire) by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre
    Maternité by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre


    Sculpture - 25x13 cm
    Sensualité III Patine blanche by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre

    Sensualité III Patine blanche

    Sculpture - 17x37 cm
    Sensualité II (grand modèle) by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre

    Sensualité II (grand modèle)

    Sculpture - 24x47 cm
    Sensualité I (petit modèle) by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre

    Sensualité I (petit modèle)

    Sculpture - 13x25 cm
    Les amoureux (le petit couple) by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre

    Les amoureux (le petit couple)

    Sculpture - 10x15 cm
    La vénus de Milo. by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre

    La vénus de Milo.

    Sculpture - 31x12 cm
    La dame aux dunes by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre

    La dame aux dunes

    Sculpture - 47x29 cm
    Théorème by Annie-Laure Capo Di Feltre


    Sculpture - 76x31 cm

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